The Factor Smarter Solution

Invoice Factoring Made Easy

Cash for receivables in 24 hours offers your business a Bank Alternative to invoice factoring companies. That’s right, you can now fund your receivables at a bank.  You will be able to gain quick access to working capital by uploading invoices online. Your receivables will be turned into cash within 24 hours.  

Tired of invoice factoring companies?  Wish there was a better way to finance your receivables? Look no further, we have the answer: it’s factoring done the right way.

Stop searching for invoice factoring companies, let us find you a local bank to finance your receivables!

invoice-factoring-companiesThe Factor Smarter Advantage:

  • No contracts
  • Competitive Fixed Rates
  • 120 day repayment period
  • No notification & minimal verification
  • 90% advance rate
  • Cash in 24 hrs.
  • Advanced online management system has a network of over 500 banks that are actively lending against receivables, and doing it the right way. With business owners and executives have a powerful tool at their fingertips to get the working capital they need to run their business.  Contact us today to find a bank in your area. Why wait any longer, Get Started Now

Benefits of Bank Factoring





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