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Currently Factoring?

Factor Smarter offers the perfect alternative to traditional factoring through a network of over 500 banks nationwide.

How do we measure up?

Creditworthy customers can benefit from the perks of funding their receivables at a bank. No contracts, low rates, limited to no verification, & easy to use online interface.

New to Factoring?

A business’ most under-tapped asset is often it’s AR. Could your business benefit from a cash injection?

Unleash the power of cash!

Credit Problems?

Is your business facing common hurdles such as tax liens, declining balance sheets, or bankruptcy? offers the perfect alternative for businesses that don’t qualify for the bank program. Our network of traditional factors has been exclusively selected to adhere to our highest standards.

With a business minded lender, you can get cash in the bank, and get back to running your business.  Don’t get stuck with a lender of last resort! has a network of over 500 banks that are actively lending against receivables, and doing it the right way. With business owners and executives have a powerful tool at their fingertips to get the working capital they need to run their business.  Contact us today to find a bank in your area. Why wait any longer, Get Started Now

What Does Bank Factoring do For my Business?

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Establish predictable cash flow: Through ongoing funding out of daily invoices, your business is able to establish reliable cash flow. Improved cash flow allows your businesses to capitalize on growth opportunity and expand operations.
Eliminate Debt: Businesses can reduce short term debt, make payroll, pay down other obligations, and access new working capital without creating new debt. Bank factoring works as a self-liquidating line of credit for your business.
Gain competitive advantage: Businesses can offer more flexible terms to customers and take advantage of supplier discounts. Improved cash position may offer your business new opportunity to negotiate even better discounts.
Better business management: Our Bank Factoring program offers superior technology and real-time reports, giving your business capabilities to make more informed financial decisions.

Ready to Get Started?

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How Does Bank Factoring Work for my Business?

Step 1: Invoice your customer on credit terms.

Step 2: Bank purchases your accounts receivables at a discount.  Typically, the bank advances 90% of face value to you.  Funds are deposited into your account within 24 hours, giving your business the positive cash flow it needs.

Step 3: You carry on your normal course of business, with positive cash flow. The bank waits for your customers to pay the invoice.  Because you received the bulk of your payment on Day 1, you avoid both cash flow shortages and collection hassles.  Additionally, you are able to use that money to make payroll, pay bills, purchase more supplies, generate sales, and grow your business.

Step 4:  Once the invoice is paid by your customer, the remaining balance not already advanced is remitted to you.





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